Uncompromised Protection that Exceeds the Toughest Performance Standards

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Royal Purple®

Designed for environmentally sensitive areas without compromising performance

Royal Purple understands the importance of protecting and preserving our environment, including our aquatic ecosystems. That’s why our research and development team is committed to developing high performance lubricants that are environmentally responsible. Royal Purple has a full line of BioMax EAL lubricants, including gear, hydraulic, and stern tube lubricants, with both US and International certifications to meet EPA standards for your equipment operating in environmentally sensitive areas. Products are performance driven, extending drain intervals and reducing downtime as well as being fully compatible with equipment seal elastomers.


Facts About BIOMAX

  • Designed for environmentally sensitive areas
  • Meets and exceeds US EPA VGP and European-Ecolabel requirements
  • Superior performance proven over industry standard oils, competitor EAL products and verified by third party laboratories
  • Reduces environmental impact in the event of accidental leakage or spillage and minimizes clean-up costs

BIOMAX EAL Oil Benefits

  • Over 90% biodegradable
  • Non bio-accumulating, and pass all EPA and EcoLabel toxicity testing
  • Far out perform typical EAL fluids due to our unique base oils and additive chemistry, and superior formulation.

For renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic or bioaccumulative lubricants that reduce environmental impact while still offering superior performance, choose Royal Purple® BioMax.